Day 26: Finally, we have a holiday! (Thymen and Meeuwis)

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Dear diary,

T: My day started early at the hostel, because I had planned to go windsurfing together with Anton, Rick and Dirk. Unfortunately no other participants that were members from our windsurf association wanted to join us for windsurfing in Jeju 🙁 After showering and a short break for breakfast we went to find a taxi at 7:45 to bring us to the east side of the island. I had already been there the day before to see where we would windsurf and heard there that we had to be there early today.

M: While they were on their way to go windsurfing I was still sleeping. We had to check out at 10 o’clock so around 09:15 the first alarm went off. I woke up and went for a relaxing shower. Unfortunately the morning wasn’t as relaxing for everybody. Some people had a very hard time waking up and packing their stuff.

T: In the meantime we were waiting at the surf spot for the pickup truck to be loaded with our gear. On the way to the new spot our driver had to make way for a car that didn’t seem to notice us while we were honking loudly. We made it to the spot and rigged our sets to go windsurfing.

M: After placing our stuff in the luggage room we took a cab to the beach to go kayaking. After twenty minutes of driving we arrived at the beach, despite the all the effort it wasn’t the right place to go kayaking. It was a very nice beach however, and a few of us went swimming. Not me though, since I was still sunburned from yesterday and couldn’t stay long in the sun. I decided to go sit in the shade and after that people joined me in a smoothy bar.

T: First we had to go walk for a while, since there was a beach and our skegs were too long. Most of the day I was windsurfing, but the wind wasn’t strong enough for fancy tricks. At around 2 in the afternoon we had a very good lunch and we packed our stuff to go back to the hostel in time for catching our plane to Seoul. Dirk decided to bring a piece of volcanic rock as a reminder of the trip.

M: We finished our smoothies and decided to go to the city center to hunt some souvenirs. The bus brought us there and we found an underground shopping mall, where we spend time looking for souvenirs. This turned out to be more of a challenge than we thought. In the end the souvenirs were found and a good walk brought us back to the hostel.

T: At 4 PM we arrived at the hostel and I checked and repacked my bag in preparation for the trip to the airport. Here I met Meeuwis at the table browsing the internet. We went downstairs and tried to get a bus to the airport, which took a lot longer than it should. By the time it arrived half of the group had already taken a taxi.

M: When I was at the hostel browsing the internet I met Thymen, who returned from windsurfing. After that everybody got their stuff and we waited for the bus to catch our flight. At the airport there were a few problems with the luggage of Dirk, Rutger and Thijs. Do you remember the stone Dirk found? He had to leave it at customs. Bye, bye souvenir.

T: Just after Dirk was asked to say goodbye to his precious stone, Thijs had to say goodbye to some of his precious metal. The metal appeared to be very rare on Jeju and a lot of Korean people wanted to make pictures of it. But nobody was left and for the remainder of the time I watched an episode of a tv series. In the bus I asked Meeuwis to join me in writing this piece.

After the bus ride we are both going to sleep in anticipation for our next flight, which will take us home. See you in one day!


– Thymen en Meeuwis

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