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Welcome! On this website you can find information about the SPARK study tour and its organizing committee. In July 2017, 29 students and 2 employees of the department of Electrical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology embarked on an intercontinental journey to Russia and South Korea. The purpose of this tour was to acquaint the students with the international approach to (electrical) engineering, the automotive industry and scientific research. This tour would also highlight the differences and similarities in culture, give students the opportunity to get to know people and companies they would otherwise never meet and create friendships and connections across the globe.

Russia is the largest country in the world and has a long and rich cultural and political history. The country has been a forerunner in science and technology for a long time. In the previous centuries Russian scientists and engineers have made numerous important contributions in nearly all fields, such as physics, computing, shipbuilding, electrical engineering and space technology. Ever since Czar Peter visited and lived in Holland to learn about shipbuilding nearly four hundred years ago, Russia and the Netherlands have enjoyed diplomatic ties. In 2017, students from Eindhoven have visited the country to learn about the Russian approach to science and engineering.

In South Korea, scientific research and developments in fields of engineering are a significant part of culture and politics. With several large manufacturers of consumer electronics at their disposal, the South Koreans are often amongst the first to experience new innovations in consumer technology. South Korea invests heavily in research and development. The country spends 4.3% of its GDP on R&D, which is significantly more than any other country in the world. South Korea and the Netherlands maintain a healthy relationship in terms of politics, trade and academics.





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