Committee of Recommendation


The Committee of Recommendation for the SPARK Study Tour consists of renowned dignitaries from the Dutch academic world, technological industry and business. By being a member of this committee they demonstrate their support for the organization of this study tour.

Academic Relations


Frank Baaijens F.P.T. (Frank) Baaijens

Rector Magnificus

Eindhoven University of Technology


prof. Bart Smolders, per januari 2016 decaan faculteit Electrical Engineering, TU Eindhoven A.B. (Bart) Smolders

Dean of the department of Electrical Engineering

Eindhoven University of Technology



elena-lomonova                prof.dr. E. (Elena) Lomonova

               Chair of the Electromechanics and
               Power Electronics research group

               Eindhoven University of Technology






        M.J. (Martin) Bastiaans

                 IEEE Member and Geographic Activities 
                 Vice Chair

                 Eindhoven University of Technology

External Relations


Frans van Houten


F.A. (Frans) van Houten

Chief Executive Officer

Royal Philips Electronics


Harold Goddijn


H.C.A. (Harold) Goddijn

Chief Executive Officer



Kees Schouhamer Immink
K.A. (Kees) Schouhamer Immink

Chief Executive Officer             

Turing Machines Inc             





Jan van Keulen

J. (Jan) van Keulen             

Managing Director Netherlands             

DAF Trucks NV             


The members of the Committee of Recommendation all signed the agreement below:

Hereby I declare to fully support the study tour SPARK to Russia and South Korea, planned for July 2017 for 30 students and 2 employees from the department of Electrical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. Eindhoven University of Technology is a prestigious Dutch university of technology and one of the leading universities of technology in Europe. Therefore I am willing to participate in the Committee of Recommendation of this study tour. With this statement I emphasize the importance of the initiative, which contributes to the relations of Russia and South Korea with the Netherlands and particularly the cooperation in important areas of engineering and science. I recommend the various research institutes, universities and companies in Russia and South Korea to support the study tour of the students of Eindhoven University of Technology in order to ensure a successful visit.