Day 27: The home stretch (Jim)

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And there it was, the last day of the study tour. It was going to be a long day full of traveling. We got up early in order to have enough time for checking in to our flight. In the end, there was not much time left before boarding after we arrived at the gate. Having gotten some breakfast and something to drink, we boarded the plane. Ahead of us was a flight of almost eleven hours and after that another one of two hours.

Luckily this flight was equipped with onboard entertainment systems. There were plenty of movies to watch. I ended up spending most of the flight watching them and only stopping in between to eat and drink. Time flies when watching movies, so we soon landed in Warschau.

Unfortunately, our flight to Amsterdam was delayed, so we had to wait an extra hour. Now we no longer had the onboard entertainment systems, so instead I decided to have a well-deserved rest. By the time we landed in Amsterdam it was eight o’clock in the evening. Considering the time zones, we were traveling for twenty hours by this time and we still had to take the train back to Eindhoven.

As traditions dictates, the NS was conducting maintenance on the track between Boxtel and Eindhoven, so we were forced to travel the last by bus. The only what made the trip even worse, was the crying baby two seats in front of me. Having arrived at Eindhoven we were greeted by some members of Thor who did not join us on the trip. The had been so nice to bring us some beer. Now I had already been traveling for a near twenty-four hours, so it was time to go home and call it a day.

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